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NEWENGLANDCONDO.COM  NEW ENGLAND CONDOMINIUM   -DECEMBER 2020      9  185 Devonshire Street, Suite 401, Boston, MA 02110  Quality Representation at Reasonable Rates.  (617) 988-0633  Contact Attorney Frank Flynn:  FRANK@FLYNNLAW-NE.COM  Flynn_E4C.qxp:Layout 1  12/8/14  2:30 PM  Page 1  DAL  CPA  David A. Levy, CPA, P.C.  Certified Public Accountants  Areas of expertise in Condominiums   ■  Cooperatives   ■  Timeshares  ALL COMMON INTEREST DEVELOPMENTS  Call our office for a complimentary review of your financial needs  617-566-3645 or 866-842-0108  20 Freeman Place, Needham, MA 02492  DavidALevy_E4C_NEC_Sept15:Layout 1  10/7/2015  3:54 PM  Page 1  SERVICING THE EAST COAST FOR OVER 30 YEARS  Member AICPA, CAI-NE  the Aventura Marketing Council’s Chair-  person of the Condo and Homeowners   Board Members Association and board   president at The Point condo association   where she lives, tells us that multifamily  which manages properties throughout the   communities should plan carefully in an-  ticipation of holiday visitors as well as in-  coming ‘snowbirds’ (residents who spend  kick off the last quarter of the year in ef-  warmer  seasons  up  north  and  return  to  fort to lift spirits, maintain a sense of nor-  their southern homes in the winter). Will  malcy, and create community.” In addi-  communal spaces be open for holiday  tion to festooning their homes and yards   celebrations and family get-togethers?  with the regular holiday fare, residents   Will health conditions of individuals be  are adding lights and displays with mes-  assessed before being allowed access to  sages  like  ‘Together  Apart’  and  similar   certain spaces or events? If pools and  sentiments. With the idea of “ending this   health  clubs  and  other  leisure  ameni-  ties are open, will their procedures for  and communities are sharing their dis-  use change as more residents return for  plays on social media with hashtags like    the winter and/or host friends and fam-  ily with expectations of using them? Each   building or community must take its own  public-facing decorations in and around   population, risk factors, policies, and res-  ident feedback into consideration when  with  contests or photo-sharing  within   addressing these questions.  No  matter  what rules  an association  lobbies and entrances can bring joy to   or cooperative board puts in place, says  the world—even if your world is cur-  Marks, the earlier it informs residents  rently restricted to your building or your   of them, the better. People need to make  neighborhood. Bring out the lights, trees,   plans and communicate with their guests,  colors, and sparkly things that remind us   too. No one should be surprised by a new  of holidays past and stir up anticipation   visitor policy or a new tennis court regu-  lation, especially in the middle of the hol-  idays. “It  is  a  really  challenging  balanc-  ing act,” says Marks of both the condo’s  ness and noise restrictions.)   and the city’s attempts to institute safety   precautions  while  allowing residents  to   come together and enjoy their properties.  ways of getting together from the safety   “We’re doing what we can to lighten spir-  its and give people diversions.”  Activities with Lowest Risk  If you are following the advice of the  es.  With  the  Netflix  Party  extension for   CDC and most other medical authorities,  Google Chrome, for example, groups of   you will likely opt to keep your holiday  individuals  with  miles  or  walls  between   activities as close to home as possible,  them can simultaneously watch anything   rather than traveling, which poses coro-  navirus risk for both oneself and the pop-  ulation at large. In fact, staying at home,  rience in a socially distanced way. (Note   with  a  limited  number  of  household  that Netflix Party only works on desk-  members or perhaps a fastidious ‘pod’ of  top and laptop computers for now, and   close associates, is the safest way to spend  Chrome  must  be  installed.)   the holidays while the virus still poses a  gests  that  users  enhance  this  experience   worldwide health threat.   The CDC has provided recommenda-  tions for holiday activities that pose the  sound  and  a larger  picture.  What better   lowest  risk to individuals  in  terms  of  way to enjoy “It’s a Wonderful Life”—and   coronavirus contagion, and they can be  to be reminded that it is, in spite of these   enjoyed by any household, whether an  challenging times.  apartment, condo, co-op, townhome, or   single-family residence:   • Have a small dinner with only people  service that might appeal to a particular   who live in your household  • Prepare traditional family recipes  of such in-person activities. Some exam-  for loved ones and neighbors, especially  ples are:   those at higher risk of severe illness from   COVID-19, and deliver them in a way Free board games  that doesn’t involve contact with others  • Have a virtual dinner and share reci-  pes with friends and family  • Shop online rather than in person,   or shop locally on days other than Black   Friday   • Watch sports events, parades, and   movies from home  Deck the Halls  Spectrum Association Management,   southwest, mentions that communities in   the area have started decorating early “to   year on a celebratory note,” households   #CoronaKindness and #ChristmasLights.   Co-ops, condos, and HOAs that allow   residences can promote such activities   their communities. Holiday displays in   of future merriment. (Just be mindful of   anything that can pose a fire hazard, im-  pede emergency egress, or exceed bright-  Home for the Holidays   Multi-Housing News   points to virtual   and comfort of home that are made possi-  ble by access to high-speed internet, new   software, and availability of smart devic-  that streams on Netflix while using the   chat menu to have a fun, communal expe-  MHN    sug-  by plugging a laptop into their TV with   an HDMI cable, thereby getting better   Another suggestion from   Multi-Hous-  ing News   is to promote an online game   community’s residents and take the place   • Board Game Arena (en.boardgame-  • Tabletop Simulator (www.tabletop-  continued on page 10  PREPPING...  continued from page 1

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