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for property on Indian Creek Island, also  
known as “billionaire’s bunker,” where they  
plan to demolish an existing house and  
build an environmentally-friendly mansion.  
Haverhill Building Increases Security with  
Remote Services 
ePropertyCare, a smart-building technol- 
ogy company bringing Internet of Things  
(IoT) services into the rental and multi- 
housing property market, has formed a part- 
nership with developer Ted Ammon of 27  
Washington Street, LLC, to install its build- 
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eryone will be happy with any single design,  
but they do appreciate having a voice. We try  
to design to the majority.” 
Interestingly, Sygrove also reports that in  
their specialty design niche, designing for  
cooperative and condominium communi- 
ties, they listen very carefully to the board,  
design committee, and residents. They find  
that an overwhelming majority of their clients  
request ‘neutral’ colors — the definition of  
which has changed over the years from warm  
beiges to cool grays and gray-greens. “These  
are the ‘safety’ default color basics that we  
work from,” Sygrove says. 
Coblin also notes that in New York City  
at the moment, the color environment is par- 
ticularly subdued. It is tastefully incorporated  
in a way that can be changed while the basic  
framework of a design scheme is timeless and  
neutral. “The use of color is to enhance the  
overall design of the space,” says Coblin. “It  
helps us make a space feel taller, grander, and  
for longer lobbies, the gradations of intensity  
help us modulate, add rhythm, and improve  
the overall look.” 
“Looking towards the future with every  
design we develop is the fun of it,” says Sy- 
grove. “Pushing towards the long term rather  
than just the present. We advise buildings to  
spend their money on quality, because quality  
is the universal. I always use this example: you  
can buy a can of paint with a color that looks  
‘cheap,’ or you can spend that same amount  
of money on a can of a paint color that looks  
rich. That is where the design talent comes in;  
selecting that timeless, classic, delicious color  
that affects the mood of every person who  
walks into the lobby or halls — whether fresh,  
or soothing, or neutral.” 
In the final analysis, using color and tex- 
ture and accompanying elements to design  
that welcoming space is the art of design and  
the art of designers. But as each building is dif- 
ferent and individual, it is critical that the resi- 
dents and their board be not only on board  
with the choices but directly involved with  
making those choices. Design is conceived  
and born of the right interface between build- 
ing, designer, and residents.     
A J Sidransky is a staff writer/reporter for  
New England Condominium, and a published  
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ing protection and automation solutions in  
the former Magnavox Building in Haverhill,  
According to a report in the  
New England  
Real Estate Journal, 
 the ePropertyCare plat- 
form allows landlords and property manag- 
ers to remotely protect, monitor, and control  
properties over the cellular network without  
requiring building WiFi. In the current cli- 
mate, the company said, this has the added  
benefit of minimizing in-person interactions  
that can spread COVID-19. 
“Much like other gateway cities sur- 
rounding Boston, Haverhill is experiencing  
a rebirth thanks to the ongoing redevelop- 
ment projects that are changing the face of  
downtown and providing much-needed  
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Please submit Pulse items to 
Pat Gale at 
housing and retail space in formerly vacant  
properties,” Ammon said.    
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