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NEWENGLANDCONDO.COM  NEW ENGLAND CONDOMINIUM   -NOVEMBER 2021      15  Caesar’s Roofi ng  Caesar’s Roofi ng, Inc. is a national, yet family owned and   operated residential, commercial, and industrial roofi ng   and general contracting fi rm celebrating over 45 years in   business. Our company is comprised of fully-certifi ed pro-  fessionals—consisting of administrative staff, estimators,   project managers, laborers, roof mechanics, carpenters,   welders, and operators, etc.—all of whom possess years   of education, experience, and continued training in the lat-  est technologies, equipment, and roof systems.  Fueled by our commitment to excellence, we go the extra mile(s) to make sure clients   are completely satisfi ed with our work, whether they be individual homeowners, apart-  ment/ condominium associations, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, or gov-  ernmental agencies.  We tackle everything from complex projects to simpler operations.   No job is too big or too small and our goal is the same with each one: to leave each   property in a better, cleaner, safer, and more secure state than it was when we arrived.   PO BOX 1184, Lynnfi eld, MA 01940  781-860-0800 | offi ce@caesarsroofi | caesarsroofi  C A E S A R ’  S  R O O F F  I I  N N  G G  , ,  I I  N C .  R O O  N C .  Roofi ng  Kelly’s Property Services, LLC  Impeccable Service Since 1989  • Roofi ng Solutions  • Carpentry, PVC Trim placement  • Maintenance Supervisor Friendly  • Replacement Decks (Vinyl Railings & PVC Decking)  • Prompt Personal Attention  • Siding (Vinyl, Hardie Plank)               • Interior / Exterior Painting  High-Quality Condominium Services  “We Want to Make You Our Next Reference”  24-Hour Answering Service  Contact: Bryan J. Kelly  (508) 958-2196  Bryan J. Kelly  Roofi ng  Water & Weatherproofi ng/Masonry  Alpha Weatherproofi ng Corporation  Since 1981, Alpha Weatherproofi ng Corp. has earned an excellent   reputation for safe, responsive, and timely building envelope   restoration solutions.  Engineers, architects, building owners and   property managers throughout New England rely on our team to   resolve their weatherproofi ng challenges.           Our comprehensive services include:      • Sealant Replacement • Concrete Restoration  • Façade Inspection & Repair    • Parking Garage Repair   • Traffi c Coatings  • Waterproofi ng  • Masonry Restoration   • Roofi ng Installation & Maintenance  • Structural Repairs  • Emergency Services  Visit weatherproofi to view our projects and discover why our loyal clients   engage us to preserve their structures and enhance their investments.  Paul Capobianco, President  Alpha Weatherproofi ng Corporation  25 Washington St., Somerville, MA 02143  617-628-8888 | www.weatherproofi  Greylock Roofi ng Company, Inc.  Greylock Roofi ng Company, Inc. is   celebrating 20 years in business. We   provide services for both commercial   and residential properties. We specialize   in roof replacements and repairs for   large condominiums. Greylock is a go to roofi ng fi rm for property managers, building   superintendents, developers, architects, engineers and large corporations who own   or manage properties.  Shawn D. Vetere, Director of Marketing and Business Development  30 Willow Street, North Andover, MA 01945  Phone: 978-203-0584 x212  Cell: 339-440-6079  Fax: 781-259-5001    Roofi ng  Corolla Contracting, Inc.  Corolla Contracting, Inc., incorporated in 1989,  has created a reputation for always delivering a  “Quality Project, On Time, and Within Budget.”  We offer the following services:  • Commercial and residential roof installations of all major manufacturers  • All types of roofi ng: fl at, shingle, metal, cold and hot asphalt  •  Complete tear off or go over with experienced crews and quality,  safe equipment  • Structural roof deck repair/replacement—all types  • All types of sheet metal work: copper, aluminum, wall panels, etc.  Contact: Bobby Corolla  617-908-0451 for FREE estimates  617-561-1333  fax 617-561-4726  bob@corollaroofi  www.corollaroofi  Roofi ng  Roofmaxx-Framingham  Getting the most out of your roof is what   Roof Maxx is all about. It is a safe, easy,   proven, and affordable alternative to a   complicated, expensive and life-disrupting   asphalt roof replacement. Our innovative roof   rejuvenation process adds years of life to your   asphalt roof while providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. You avoid   expensive roof replacements and keep your old shingles out of the local landfi ll.   Our service includes a free roof assessment by inspection and satellite-based   measurements. It is considered best practice in property management to invest early   in proactive maintenance on all components of your building to save much more in   the future. No component is more important than your roof.      David J. Levy & Deb Levy  42 Davis Farm Rd., Ashland, MA 01721  508-474-4663  Roofi ng

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