2020 May
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Board Operations
2020 May Helping Out in the Age of Coronavirus

Whether you’re living in a co-op apartment building in Manhattan, a condo on Chicago’s Gold Coast, or a townhouse community or HOA in Boston, issues of legality and liability are always a concern for owners, board members, and management. A…

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Community Building
2020 May All Together Now

As most of the United States reaches the one-month mark under some form of stay-home directive, it has become apparent that the implications of sheltering in place are different for residents of multifamily housing than for those in single-…

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2020 May Small Buildings and Coronavirus

Like people, co-ops and condos come in all shapes and sizes; some large, some small. The lifestyle within a particular building or association is often dictated to a large degree by the size of that building or association; huge, multi-buil…

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2020 May Q&A: Show Us the Money

Q. What can be done if a unit owner who has not paid maintenance fees for a year — and now owes the association thousands of dollars — has declared bankruptcy? How does the association get its money?                                  —Con…

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