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Q&A Q&A: Under-Age Residents
2023 May Q&A: Under-Age Residents

Q.   I live in an 18-unit, over-55 HOA community. As a board member, I have noticed two families allowing family members under the age of 55 (in their 30s) to live full-time with their parents. What is the best way to approach these famili…

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Q&A Vector outline illustration on white background.
2023 April Q&A: Pet or No Pet?

Q. I’m the president of a condo association. At time of signing to purchase a unit, we have in our bylaws that only one dog no larger than 18 pounds is allowed. Now we have an owner that has two dogs that are barking, and everyone is comp…

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Q&A Person rubbed out and removed with eraser. Man obliterated from group of people, moved from business team, blocked in friends chat service, forbidden contacts. Vector illustration, faceless characters
2023 March Q&A: Eviction from the Board?

Q. What does an association do when a board member who no longer has a vested interest in the community (having owned two condo units, but sold them both in the past two years) refuses to step down? Voting the individual off the board is …

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Q&A Jury voting flat illustration. People holding signs with likes and dislikes. Social satisfaction poll concept.
2023 February Q&A: Is That Vote Legal?

Q. I have a question about what constitutes a legal vote by the board. What I am seeing at meetings is that a member makes a motion, it is seconded, and then the president declares it passed. Shouldn’t there be an actual vote with a recor…

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Q&A Q&A: Which Law Applies?
2023 January Q&A: Which Law Applies?

Q. My condo was formed in 1974 under the old condo law, RSA 479. The new condo law, RSA 356, was passed in 1977. If we update our condo docs now, which law are we required to follow? Note we are exempted from 356 under paragraphs I, II, I…

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Q&A Q&A: Handling Hoarding
2023 January Q&A: Handling Hoarding

Q. I live in a mid-rise condominium, and my next door neighbor is a hoarder. She frequently leaves her door open and it’s easy to see that there’s a problem. I complained to the building management several times, but nothing has improved.…

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Q&A Q&A: Wedded Conflict?
2023 January Q&A: Wedded Conflict?

Q. Can a husband and wife serve at the same time on a condo board, or is it a conflict of interest? There are three board members in our 12-unit condo complex. The husband is the president, and the wife is the treasurer.  Is this allowed?…

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Q&A Q&A: Rough Sale-ing
2022 December Q&A: Rough Sale-ing

Q.   I live in a five-story condominium with 24 units, 24 designated parking spots, and six undesignated spots. ‘Designated’ means that only the 24 people with parking tags can park in any one of the 24 designated spots (but the spots are …

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Q&A Man Chopping Ice in the Driveway
2022 November Q&A: Driveway Debate

Q. Approximately four years ago I moved to an over-55 condo association where each unit has its own driveway. The complex is about 12 years old, and when initially turned over by the builder to the association the inexperienced board was …

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Q&A Q&A: Committee Control
2022 November Q&A: Committee Control

Q. Our condo president says she alone has the authority to select and remove members of a committee. Is this true?                                   —Curious Reader A. “It depends upon the language of the governing documents, but it i…

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