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2021 December The Year in (P)Review

Remember in 2020, when everyone was so excited for 2021, “when all of this instability and uncertainty will be over”? Right. Well, while there was some relief from pandemic pandemonium as Americans started to get vaccinated against COVID th…

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2021 November Rebuilding Community

Among the most unfortunate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the chill it cast—and is still casting—over social activities nearly everywhere, including in multifamily communities. So little was known early on about how the virus was sprea…

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2021 October 2021 & Onward

The last few years have been a rollercoaster ride for the condominium markets nationwide. After reaching a high in 2016, many factors collided to bring pressure on the market with varying effects. These factors included the change in SALT d…

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HOA Living Massachusetts Debt Collection Ban Reversed
2020 June Massachusetts Debt Collection Ban Reversed

In a decision with implications for condominium collections in Massachusetts, the U.S. District Court in Massachusetts on May 6, 2020, issued an order prohibiting the State Attorney General from enforcing parts of the March 27 emergency reg…

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Buildings Small Buildings and Coronavirus
2020 May Small Buildings and Coronavirus

Like people, co-ops and condos come in all shapes and sizes; some large, some small. The lifestyle within a particular building or association is often dictated to a large degree by the size of that building or association; huge, multi-buil…

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Community Building All Together Now
2020 May All Together Now

As most of the United States reaches the one-month mark under some form of stay-home directive, it has become apparent that the implications of sheltering in place are different for residents of multifamily housing than for those in single-…

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