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Neighborhoods Brookline, Massachusetts
2016 July Brookline, Massachusetts

A town with a reputation for the elite, and nearest metropolitan neighbor to Boston, Brookline, Massachusetts is the birthplace of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, late night comedian Conan O’Brien, and the last home of Pulitzer and Nobel…

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Neighborhoods Manchester, New Hampshire
2015 December Manchester, New Hampshire

The largest city in the state of New Hampshire, Manchester is the largest city in northern New England. It ranks high is affordability, lifestyle and economic opportunity. The Granite State community is also the birthplace of Gilmore Girls’…

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Neighborhoods Laconia, New Hampshire
2014 October Laconia, New Hampshire

Just south of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, one will find the city of Laconia, a popular resort town known in the winter for its skiing, snow tubing and ziplining and in the summer for its extensive beachfront, teeming rivers and c…

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Neighborhoods Connecticut’s Capital City: Hartford
2014 July Connecticut’s Capital City: Hartford

Hartford, Connecticut’s fourth largest city, behind Bridgeport, New Haven and Stamford, is perhaps best known for the number of insurance companies housed there, but it was also the home of Samuel L. Clemens, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and The…

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Neighborhoods Camden, Maine.
2013 October Camden, Maine.

Although fewer than 5,000 residents make their home here year-round, Camden, a town in Knox County, Maine, is known as a popular summer and winter resort destination visited by majestic tall ships in the summer and amateur and professional…

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Neighborhoods Branford, CT
2013 August Branford, CT

Branford, a shoreline town located on Long Island Sound in New Haven County, has the best of both worlds, proximity to the ocean and the mountainous ridges of Central Connecticut. Once renowned as a summer resort community where the we…

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Neighborhoods New London, Connecticut
2013 May New London, Connecticut

 Known for its links to the sea and the home port of the U.S. Coast Guard  Academy, New London, Connecticut sits on the banks of the Thames River, and is  also home to two well-known colleges and some notable academicians, politicians  and…

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Neighborhoods Amherst, Massachusetts
2013 April Amherst, Massachusetts

 Nestled into the curves of the Connecticut River Valley, Amherst, Massachusetts,  is a study in contrasts: Rolling farmlands and a bustling retail center;  historic inns and high-rise dormitories.    First settled as a part of Hadl…

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Neighborhoods Concord, New Hampshire
2013 January Concord, New Hampshire

 Situated in south central New Hampshire, Concord is one of America’s smallest state capitals. The compact city in the Granite State boasts a wide  range of architectural styles from commercial brick architecture with elaborate  cornices t…

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Neighborhoods Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
2012 August Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

 Expect to find a sandy white beach, swimming pools, music venues, parks, bars, a  plethora of restaurants, a thriving nightlife scene and a seafood festival that  draws over 150,000 in the village district of Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.…

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