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Neighborhoods New Bedford, Massachusetts
2012 July New Bedford, Massachusetts

 When you think of New Bedford, Massachusetts, several things come immediately to  mind—commercial fisheries, factory outlet stores, textile mills, and of course,  whaling.    Located in Bristol County, 51 miles south of Boston, and…

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Neighborhoods Burlington, Vermont
2012 May Burlington, Vermont

 In the 2005 film, “Thank You for Smoking,” William H. Macy portrays a Birkenstock wearing, cheddar cheese-eating, granola  crunching, Volvo-driving environmentalist Democratic Senator from Vermont,  whose desk is overflowing with maple sy…

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Neighborhoods "The Bermuda of the North"
2012 March "The Bermuda of the North"

 Nestled in the frothy Atlantic, 12 miles from coastal Rhode Island—its home state — Block Island is a scenic haven that promises rest, relaxation and refuge for  visitors and residents alike.    It’s small—just 21square miles—and o…

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Neighborhoods Books and Basketball
2011 December Books and Basketball

It’s the birthplace of basketball, Breck shampoo and Webster’s dictionary. But when folks who live in Springfield, Massachusetts consider its biggest claim to fame, it all comes down to Dr. Seuss. Yes, Dr. Seuss—the pen name of…

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Neighborhoods Life in Litchfield County
2011 September Life in Litchfield County

 Actors Dustin Hoffman and Broadway composer-lyricist Stephen Sondheim call it  home. The late actress Marilyn Monroe did, too, when she was married to the late  playwright Arthur Miller. And actor and comedian Denis Leary lives here too, …

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Neighborhoods Hyannis
2011 August Hyannis

 Rather in the manner of Russian folk-art nesting dolls, the village of Hyannis  nests within the town of Barnstable, within Barnstable County, within the  region of Cape Cod, within the state of Massachusetts. In one sense,  generalizatio…

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Neighborhoods More Than Fish Tales
2011 May More Than Fish Tales

 The fish you ate for dinner was likely pulled from the icy waters off  Gloucester, Massachusetts, before it was processed in a packing plant in the  picturesque Cape Ann community.    Fishing has been central to Gloucester’s identi…

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Neighborhoods Montpelier, Vermont
2009 Nov Montpelier, Vermont

Montpelier, Vermont is not a big place. In fact, residents proudly explain that it is the smallest capital city in the United States. They will also patiently point out that, although only a couple hours from French-speaking Quebec, the…

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