Life in Litchfield County The Woodbury Region of Connecticut

 Actors Dustin Hoffman and Broadway composer-lyricist Stephen Sondheim call it  home. The late actress Marilyn Monroe did, too, when she was married to the late  playwright Arthur Miller. And actor and comedian Denis Leary lives here too,  with his own backyard hockey rink, tennis courts, stable and pool.  

 It is the “four-bury” region, comprised of the towns of Woodbury, Southbury, Roxbury and Middlebury,  in Connecticut’s lush, scenic western New Haven and eastern Litchfield counties.  

 The area appeals to a handful of celebrities, plus thousands of regular folks  who crave country living combined with nearby highway access that gets them to  the bright lights of Hartford to the north in under an hour or midtown  Manhattan to the south in slightly over an hour.  

 “We have it all here,” says Marian Van Egas, the top-selling real estate agent in Prudential CT’s Southbury office.  

 Antiques, Picturesque Scenery and Rural Charm


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