2011 September
Focus on... Energy & The Environment

Energy Conservation Lean and Green
2011 September Lean and Green

 CHP (combined heat and power) is a marriage of electric generation and thermal  power—the use of an engine, usually gas-fueled, to simultaneously generate electricity  and heat. It can be done on a grand scale, as in manufacturing, hospit…

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Energy Conservation The Hot and Cold of It
2011 September The Hot and Cold of It

 Utility submetering is the implementation of a system that allows a condominium  association or other multi-tenant property to bill tenants for individual  measured utility usage by making use of individual water, gas, or electricity  met…

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Energy Conservation Button Up
2011 September Button Up

 Winters these days don’t seem to be quite as brutal as they once were, due in part to the fact that in  recent years, the Northeast has had more flooding and ice storms than  blizzards. But pipes still freeze in the dead of night, and win…

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Energy Conservation Money Talks
2011 September Money Talks

 There are many reasons for “going green” in a residential community, starting with the goal of shrinking the carbon  footprint and decreasing dependence on fossil fuels. But the real reason a  condominium complex or HOA seeks sustainable …

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Energy Conservation Taking Measure
2011 September Taking Measure

 As the ideas of energy efficiency and “green” buildings keep growing, associations and managers often want to know which  energy-efficient improvements make the most sense for their buildings—it might be compact fluorescent lights, energy…

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Energy Conservation Too Much Stuff
2011 September Too Much Stuff

 “Sue” is a retired professional who is well-to-do, rarely eats at home and has lived  in her condo for decades. While everything seems perfect from the outside, Sue  is the keeper of a dirty little secret.    When the unit above he…

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Energy Conservation Life in Litchfield County
2011 September Life in Litchfield County

 Actors Dustin Hoffman and Broadway composer-lyricist Stephen Sondheim call it  home. The late actress Marilyn Monroe did, too, when she was married to the late  playwright Arthur Miller. And actor and comedian Denis Leary lives here too, …

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Energy Conservation Valued Volunteers
2011 September Valued Volunteers

 Living in a condominium community means working together. Cooperation and a  spirit of volunteerism are visible every day in community gatherings, board  meetings, even in the scheduling of time on the tennis courts. The men and  women wh…

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Organizations Managing the Unmanageable
2011 September Managing the Unmanageable

Hoarding can be best defined as the collection of materials to the point where an individual’s quality of life and overall functionality of their living space is diminished. And if you’re like many Americans, then what you know about ho…

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Q&A: Who Pays in a Delinquency?
2011 September Q&A: Who Pays in a Delinquency?

Q We have an owner in our condominium association who is several months behind in his fees. He currently has a tenant in his unit. The association pays the bill for his water, sewage, pool and other amenities. Do we as an association ha…

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Q&A: Weighing in On Pets
2011 September Q&A: Weighing in On Pets

Q I own a condo and I would like to change the weight restriction of a pet (dog)  from 8 pounds (unrealistic) to maybe 35 pounds--maybe just to owners with dogs,  not to renters. How do I do that? What is my first step? Can I send out let…

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Q&A: Using the Common Hallway and Maintenance Increase
2011 September Q&A: Using the Common Hallway and Maintenance Increase

Q My condo board has given notice to a maintenance increase for this year after a  five-year assessment, which is to expire next year. If an owner has several  combined units and has incorporated the common hallway usage for their persona…

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