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Board Operations Boards & Boundaries
2024 June Boards & Boundaries

In multifamily residential communities, where neighbors share common space, amenities, and maintenance—if not actual walls—establishing and maintaining boundaries can be a bit tricky.  Physical boundaries are often breached by things like …

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2023 September Evaluating Management

Striking a healthy balance between the governance and the management of a condo or co-op community can be a challenge. While it’s the board that governs, it’s management that executes…at least that’s how it’s supposed to be in theory. That …

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2023 August Liability & Indemnity Coverage

Whether your community is a condo, HOA, or co-op, if you take on the responsibility of serving on the board, you also take on a portion of collective responsibility—and with the assumption of that responsibility comes a measure of liability…

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Board Operations Photo of a Proxy Ballot.
2022 December Participation by Proxy

If you live in a condominium, cooperative or HOA, guess what? You’re part of a participatory mini-democracy run by an elected group of volunteers. As such, it’s to your benefit to get involved in how your community is governed in order to p…

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Board Operations Better Board Involvement
2022 November Better Board Involvement

Even among otherwise conscientious, community-minded condo, HOA, and co-op residents, the idea of running for and serving on their board often ranks somewhere between taxes and dental work on their list of things to look forward to. It conj…

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Board Operations The Extent—and Limits—of Board Powers
2022 October The Extent—and Limits—of Board Powers

Buying into a residential community like a co-op, condominium, or HOA can be a bit like selecting the political system you’d like to live under. Governance styles can range from an Athenian democracy where every member of the community is i…

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2022 September Conducting Better Meetings

Residents in condo and HOA communities are frequently quite busy. Boards generally consist of elected volunteers who nearly always have other jobs and lives outside their duties as trustees. So while a professional management company can ha…

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Board Operations Two hands holding a sign reading THE WINNER front of a blurred multicolored background
2022 August Who’s a Good Board?

The 347,000 planned communities in the United States—a number that includes cooperatives, condominiums, and homeowners associations—are generally governed by volunteer members of the building or community elected by their fellow unit owners…

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2022 July Managing Conflict

One of the unique aspects of life in an HOA, condo, or co-op is that in many ways, a building or association is a microcosm of the larger world outside it. It can suffer from the same factionalism and partisan bickering as any political ent…

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