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Board Operations Collecting Common Charges During Crisis
2020 April Collecting Common Charges During Crisis

The Community Associations Institute (CAI), a global nonprofit provider of resources and information for homeowners, volunteer board leaders, professional managers, and business professionals, released a Statement of Foreclosure Moratorium …

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Board Operations Urgent HOA Business vs. Social Distancing
Urgent HOA Business vs. Social Distancing

Some associations may have an urgent need to conduct particular business during the COVID-19 outbreak, perhaps even in response to the crisis. Unfortunately, in the upcoming days and weeks, the governing boards of community associations wil…

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Board Operations Board Members' Relationships
Board Members' Relationships

The motivation for volunteering to be an uncompensated (and sometimes underappreciated) condo, HOA, or co-op board member is usually a sense of civic duty combined with the desire to protect one’s own investment and quality of life. This me…

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Board Operations Dealing With Coronavirus Exposure
Dealing With Coronavirus Exposure

The coronavirus outbreak has highlighted the tension between the rights of the community and the rights of individuals. For now, governments are relying on their inherent police power to protect the community at large. Centers for Disease C…

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Board Operations Coronavirus & COVID-19
Coronavirus & COVID-19

As cases of the new coronavirus increase here in the US, the crisis has led to a number of questions from condominium boards to the effect of:  What should we do to protect the condominium and its members? What is our responsibility for the…

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Board Operations Managing Conflict
2020 February Managing Conflict

One of the unique aspects of life in a co-op or condo is that a building or HOA is in many ways a microcosm of the larger world outside. It can suffer from the same factionalism and partisan bickering as any political entity, only on a much…

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Board Operations Condominium  Owner Evictions
2020 February Condominium Owner Evictions

If a rental tenant defaults, persists in violating rules, or breaks the law, they can be evicted from their unit. It can certainly be a drawn-out, acrimonious process, but it’s more or less routine. While much more rare – and more complicat…

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Board Operations Bidding Basics
2020 January Bidding Basics

The boards that direct co-ops, condominiums, and HOAs across the country are made up of volunteers who donate time to help govern their communities. Among their duties is selecting vendors to provide goods or services for those communities—…

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Board Operations Warranties and Service Agreements
2019 October Warranties and Service Agreements

As in life, there are no guarantees when it comes to building systems, parts, and components. But unlike life, there are warranties and service agreements to ease the pain when something breaks down, gets damaged, or proves to be defective.…

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