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Board Operations Condominium  Owner Evictions
2020 February Condominium Owner Evictions

If a rental tenant defaults, persists in violating rules, or breaks the law, they can be evicted from their unit. It can certainly be a drawn-out, acrimonious process, but it’s more or less routine. While much more rare – and more complicat…

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Board Operations Bidding Basics
2020 January Bidding Basics

The boards that direct co-ops, condominiums, and HOAs across the country are made up of volunteers who donate time to help govern their communities. Among their duties is selecting vendors to provide goods or services for those communities—…

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Board Operations Warranties and Service Agreements
2019 October Warranties and Service Agreements

As in life, there are no guarantees when it comes to building systems, parts, and components. But unlike life, there are warranties and service agreements to ease the pain when something breaks down, gets damaged, or proves to be defective.…

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Board Operations Multifamily Communities and Social Media
2019 October Multifamily Communities and Social Media

From news to politics to finding that ultimate barbecue recipe or just staying connected to family and friends, social media has become entwined in the fabric of our lives. In fact, it’s so ubiquitous that it may come as a surprise to learn…

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Board Operations How Property  Managers Save Time
2019 October How Property Managers Save Time

To describe the life of a property manager as ‘busy’ is an understatement. From visiting client properties to answering board member and resident queries to fielding bids from contractors, a manager’s work is never completely done. That’s w…

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Board Operations Younger Buyers,  New Approaches
2019 October Younger Buyers, New Approaches

Over the past few years, millennials (generally regarded as those born between 1981 and 1996) have become the largest and most important demographic group for marketing products and services – including homes. What separates millennials fro…

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Board Operations Condominium Board Authority
2019 September Condominium Board Authority

When making the choice to purchase a condo or a co-op apartment, many buyers choose a condominium to reduce the board’s involvement in the decisions they will make regarding their home. Condo boards’ authority over certain decisions and asp…

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Board Operations Directors and Officers Insurance
2019 September Directors and Officers Insurance

At the heart of volunteerism is the notion of doing something for the common good. For many, choosing to live in a co-op or condo community is also choosing volunteerism – specifically, volunteering for board service. But within that sense …

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Board Operations Fines and Penalties
2019 September Fines and Penalties

Community living comes with lots of rules and regulations – many of which are codified in largely static, hard-to-amend governing documents like proprietary leases and condominium declarations.  Others are laid out in the more flexible cont…

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Board Operations Board Transition
2019 September Board Transition

Community associations are microcosms of democracy, run by an elected board of volunteers trusted to make good decisions on behalf of the community as a whole. Boards make the call on every large and small issue for their constituency. So i…

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