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Buildings house with green roof in among white houses for real estate property industry
2024 May Aesthetic Rules

In the world of single-family homes, property owners can do pretty much whatever they want when it comes to the look of their place. They can paint their house bright purple, for instance. Or display Christmas or Halloween decorations that …

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Buildings Modern gym interior with sport and fitness equipment, fitness center interior, interior  workout gym, 3d rendering
2024 May What Makes an Amenity Great?

Imagine your dream home. Maybe it’s a beautiful apartment in the sky, or a dramatic townhouse overlooking a lake or golf course. Maybe it includes a state-of-the-art gym or pool—or both—only steps or floors away. In the mood for a movie? Wh…

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Buildings Small Buildings and Coronavirus
2020 May Small Buildings and Coronavirus

Like people, co-ops and condos come in all shapes and sizes; some large, some small. The lifestyle within a particular building or association is often dictated to a large degree by the size of that building or association; huge, multi-buil…

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Buildings New Haven: Going For The Prize
2008 May New Haven: Going For The Prize

Like any urban area, New Haven, Connecticut, has its share of challenges. Unlike some, however, this city tends to tackle its issues head-on, with an inspiring creativity and determination, as well as with success. Twice in the past…

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Buildings What's New in Indoor Amenities
2008 May What's New in Indoor Amenities

Some people want their homes to be tranquil havens: soft colors and fabrics, cushy furniture, and an organized place for all their belongings. Others want a festive or whimsical feel in their homes with colored walls, funky art, and uniq…

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Buildings What's Hot in Exterior Amenities?
2008 May What's Hot in Exterior Amenities?

What makes one condominium fly off the market and another sit stagnant for months? Do condo communities with amenities like sprawling clubhouses, sparkling pools, and concierge service still entice buyers regardless of what the units loo…

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Buildings Clubhouse for Rent
2008 May Clubhouse for Rent

Riding stables, tennis courts, boat slips—the recreational facilities at some communities are downright dazzling. At New Seabury on Cape Cod, seemingly endless stretches of beach, ponds and peninsulas are supplemented with restaurants, l…

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Buildings Spa Condos' Raise the Amenities Bar
2008 May Spa Condos' Raise the Amenities Bar

In the competitive high-end downtown Boston condominium market, the gold standard for amenities can be summed up in two simple words: room service. By pairing luxury hotels with condominiums, pioneering projects such as the Residences at…

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Buildings Splish, Splash!
2008 May Splish, Splash!

With winter finally behind us and summer just around the corner, New Englanders are happy to be shedding their winter gear for shorts and t-shirts and, before we know it, swimsuits. But before that first belly flop into the sparkling cle…

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Buildings The More the Merrier
2008 May The More the Merrier

In every condominium there is a group of people who have chosen to live together—for better or for worse. Although some prefer to keep to themselves, most are looking to meet their neighbors and develop a sense of community. Owners hav…

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