What's New in Indoor Amenities Integrated Appliances, Bamboo, Spa-Like Bathrooms Are All Hot

Some people want their homes to be tranquil havens: soft colors and fabrics, cushy furniture, and an organized place for all their belongings. Others want a festive or whimsical feel in their homes with colored walls, funky art, and unique furnishings. Whichever way it goes, a person’s home is a reflection of who they are and how they live. But when following your bliss when decorating or renovating, it’s best to keep in mind that what you do can affect your condominium’s value.

And value, these days, seems to be all about kitchens and baths.

“Kitchens are always a significant moment in showing a property,” says Joseph DeAngelo of Gibson Sotheby's International Realty in Boston. “People love new kitchens, and nobody really wants to rip out a kitchen when they buy a new place.” If the money is there, he recommends, sellers can really take the upper hand by renovating a kitchen before going on the market. “It'll sell,” he says.

But what does a sexy kitchen look like these days? Surely, avocado is not back in style, but what about lime green? What appliances are must-haves and what's the latest in floors and countertops?

The Open Floor Plan

Kitchens are getting bigger, and dream kitchens are now a place to gather and linger; they are entertainment centers and computer centers and even laundry centers. As kitchens have become more integrated into a home’s total functioning, new construction in condos is keeping up with the trend.


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