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Q&A Q&A: Stepping Up to Serve
2022 September Q&A: Stepping Up to Serve

Q. Our small condo association is having a difficult time getting enough volunteers to satisfy the leadership requirements of our Master Deed. I’ve heard from other condo owners that there seems to be a lack of interest in running for the…

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Q&A Q&A: Seeking Transparency
2022 September Q&A: Seeking Transparency

Q.   During COVID restrictions, the board meetings at our condominium were not held regularly, or were held virtually, and few people paid attention. Now that meetings have resumed in person, the meetings seem to be less “official” — for e…

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Q&A Q&A: Ready, Willing, … & Unwanted
2022 August Q&A: Ready, Willing, … & Unwanted

Q. Last year, I decided to run for a seat on the board of my condominium association. However, when annual meeting time rolled around, the board did not even place my name on the ballot—even though I was the only person who had announced …

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Q&A Annoying mishap. My key is broken
2022 July Q&A: Whose Door Is It?

Q. I’ve lived in my association for a few years, and I thought I understood the condo concept, but I’m confused about this issue: I have to have my front door lock replaced, and the powers that be are telling me that once it is replaced, …

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Q&A Top Secret Classified business, legal and government concept showing a man in a black suit pulling a Top Secret folder dossier out of his jacket. Dramatic lighting highlights the Top Secret folder.
2022 June Q&A: Whose Business Is It?

Q. Many owners in our HOA have questions about what happens at the monthly board meetings. Our board refuses to release any meeting minutes to the owners. Also, the board has told me that they do not record in the minutes who voted for wh…

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Q&A Rotten apple isolated on white background
2022 May Q&A: Bad Apple Ruins the Board

Q.    I am the president of a condo board. An owner asked to join the board, and we simply let her—she was never formally voted onto the board. Since then, she has been so awful, self-centered, and abusive that one board member resigned. W…

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Q&A Eco Car Illustration. Generic Silver Electric Vehicle Being Charge By An Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Isolated Against White. 3d Rendering.
2022 April Q&A: Make Well-Grounded Decisions on Change

Q. An owner in our condominium has asked the board for permission to install an electric vehicle charging station in his garage unit. This would require some infrastructure changes to the electrical system for the association. What sort o…

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Q&A Technician installing CCTV camera for security
2022 March Q&A: The Eyes Have It

Q. I live in a condominium in Boston. Cameras have been installed in the complex for security purposes, but I feel like I am being watched all the time by the board president. He knows at all times the ins and outs of residents, or the th…

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Q&A termite exterminate
2022 February Q&A: Stop the Spread!

Q. We have a termite problem in our building. One of my neighbors had termites in early spring, after which another resident got them and now I have them. My question is: is the association responsible for the extermination, or is the ind…

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Q&A Q&A: Not So Neighborly Neighbors
2022 February Q&A: Not So Neighborly Neighbors

Q. The owner in the unit downstairs from me typically parties late into the night, slams doors, has parked in my driveway, plays loud music, and leaves trash in the condo’s common areas. It seems there is some connection between this pers…

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