Q&A: Questioning Quorums

Q. When we had our annual owners’ meeting in November, there was one trustee position up for election and one candidate for the position.  I have asked the trustees and property manager to confirm the percentage of beneficial interest represented at the meeting and the percent voting for trustee — that is, did we reach quorum (51% or more of beneficial interest required by our condo docs), and did the candidate achieve 51% of the beneficial interest required by our condo docs?  Neither the trustees nor the property manager respond to my emails. I have also called the property manager and he does not return my phone calls. I encountered the Chair in the common area and tried to speak with him, but he ignored me and drove away.

 Also, our condo docs require a draft of the minutes of the owners’ meeting be sent to owners for approval at the next owners’ meeting.  It is standard operating procedure (SOP) for the draft to be sent to owners no later than two months following the meeting.  It is also SOP for the minutes to include names of attendees and those who proxied (to support achieving quorum) as well as the percent of beneficial interest voting for each candidate. The trustees have not distributed the draft.   

By the way, we have had at least one instance in which the property manager claimed we had quorum when we didn’t.  Only when the draft minutes were sent was it determined we did not have 51% or more. 

Obviously, I'm frustrated. Do you have any suggestions?  

  —Concerned Owner


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