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Landscaping Planning and Maintaining a Community Garden
2019 April Planning and Maintaining a Community Garden

Whether a community is surrounded by suburbs or big-city high-rises, a little greenery can go a long way in adding visual appeal – and value. In fact, given the lack of space and the challenge of keeping plants healthy and thriving, urban g…

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Landscaping Working With Your Landscape Architect
2018 April Working With Your Landscape Architect

The sun stays up a little longer, the breezes are warmer, and the flowers begin to bloom. The signs all point to the arrival of spring, when we can cast off the dreary grayness of winter and look forward to blissful summer days. It is the p…

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Landscaping Choosing the Right Plants for Landscaping
2018 April Choosing the Right Plants for Landscaping

Along with the exterior appearance of buildings themselves, landscaping is the first point of contact for potential residents and visitors to a condo or HOA community. While it’s tough to quantify the effect of beautifully curated and maint…

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Landscaping Curb Appeal
2018 April Curb Appeal

When it comes to purchasing a unit in a condominium, co-op, or homeowners’ association, buyers tend to be (rightly) concerned with square footage, baths, beds, kitchen aesthetics – all of the fundamentals people look for in a new home. But …

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Landscaping Caring For Trees
2017 April Caring For Trees

Trees may seem like the ultimate in low-maintenance landscaping; they’re naturally occurring, live for decades (sometimes centuries), don’t really require much in the way of watering, and sometimes don’t even need pruning.  But while all th…

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Landscaping Seasonal Maintenance
2017 April Seasonal Maintenance

Building maintenance follows a schedule based on the seasons, each of which presents a unique set of challenges to a co-op or condo. At certain times of the year, it just makes sense to do certain regular maintenance projects: weatherizing,…

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Landscaping Is Hardscaping Right for Your Community?
2016 April Is Hardscaping Right for Your Community?

When most people think of landscaping, they think of shrubs, trees, meticulously laid-out and maintained flowerbeds, and artful plantings scattered around a building or development. However, landscaping doesn’t need to end with the things t…

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Landscaping Alteration Issues
2016 April Alteration Issues

It’s no secret that residents in condos or co-ops can be a fickle bunch, and many times decide to undertake a repair or remodeling project themselves, without going through the proper channels.  Maybe it’s a new owner who wants to make maj…

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Landscaping Flowers Forever
2016 April Flowers Forever

Jimmy Fallon. Drew Barrymore. The Sox. Of course, folks, we’re talking about the cinematic pearl Fever Pitch, a romantic comedy gem set upon the backdrop of the beloved Red Sox’ memorable 2004 World Series championship. But Fenway isn’t the…

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Landscaping Real Estate Looking Up?
2015 April Real Estate Looking Up?

The past several years have been an unsettling ride for residential real estate across the nation, with a stomach-lurching slide from 2006 to 2012—but if the past two years mark a trend, the market may be on an upswing in New England. …

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