100 Years Young Old Traditions and New Technologies Assure Management Success

The New England landscape has changed considerably since the first condominiums opened here some four decades ago.

And the attributes of the condominiums themselves have morphed over the years; there are now high-rises and mid-rises; townhouses and lofts; condos in the heart of the city and condos surrounding sprawling golf courses.

But through the years of expansion and maturation of community associations here, one tenet has remained firm: solid management is the key to successful communities. That concept is well understood by C. Jerry Ragosa, CPM, and his team at The Niles Company.

After all, the Quincy, Massachusetts—based company has been in the management business for 100 years. Condominiums may be a relatively new model on the real estate scene, but good management is never out of style. "What has set us apart," Ragosa, said, "is that we have all the latest technology, and systems in place for communications and accounting. We still—as we have for the past 100 years—approach each account with a personal service and a personal interest that our involvement helps the community's reputation and enhances the value of the property. We don't just pay lip service to that, we actually do take the time, and pay the extra attention, to every property."

What that means on a practical level is that each month, the Niles staff discusses every property, "because some things that people may be experiencing, others may have experienced previously." Managers can share ideas and problems, and suggest vendors that have worked out well at various communities. And, the Niles president notes, it means that there are more than a couple of people familiar with each pro-perty so there's never a break in service in case of unforeseen circumstances.


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