Choosing the Right Vendor A Balancing Act

There’s always something to do around a condominium or co-op building. There’s landscaping to be done in the spring, summer and fall. A swimming pool adds to summer’s workload, and snow removal is one of winter’s most important chores. Maintaining common areas is a year-round job and can involve cleaning, painting, electrical work and services from general contractors.

Someone has to do all that work, and someone has to do the hiring. And making the right choice when hiring vendors is of utmost importance. Hirea landscaper whose work is shoddy, the community will suffer. Hire an electrician whose rates are way above normal and you’ll waste money.

Quality and cost are the two most important factors when hiring someone, but you also have to consider the vendor’s availability and responsiveness to concerns, what kind of contracts they offer and when they’ll do their work. If there’s an overnight storm, you don’t want the snow removal expert showing up after lunch the next day, and you don’t want the springtime lawnmowers waking up residents earlyon a Saturday morning.

Hiring the right vendor takes a little research in determining what your community needs. And the relationship with the vendor doesn’t end whenyou sign on the dotted line. In fact, it’s just beginning.

Who’s Doing the Hiring?

It is ultimately up to board members to decide which vendors will be hired, but in most instances the input of the association manager is seriously considered because he or she is usually savvier to the ins-and-outs of the property management business.


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