Friend Us on Facebook Condos Connect With Social Media

 As the calendar approached the start of 2012, more than 800 million people were  on Facebook, 200 million people sent updates on Twitter, around 125 million  were chatting away on MySpace and around 120 million people were registered  users networking on LinkedIn. It’s no wonder that condominium and homeowner associations were using social media  outlets to communicate with their residents, market themselves and build  community.  

 Technology has transformed the way that people communicate with email, message  boards, and social networking websites, and the arrival and popularization of  smartphones has enabled nearly everyone to carry the Internet and all its  conveniences in their pocket.  

 Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites and mobile apps have also  made inroads into condo, co-op, and HOA communities, enabling managers,  residents, trustees and board members to stay in touch and communicate with  each other on a more regular basis.  

 “Many communities are discovering that Facebook, in particular, allows them to  convey information, encourage owner involvement and build community more  effectively than the websites, newsletters and e-mail on which they now rely,” says attorney Stephen Marcus, a partner in the Braintree, Massachusetts law  firm of Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks, which handles condominium law throughout New England. “Younger residents, especially, don’t monitor their e-mail regularly and they’re not likely to visit a community association’s website, even if it’s a good one. But they live on Facebook and Twitter.”  

 While growing in popularity, not everyone has taken to the sites as quickly.  


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