Get it Done! There's No Time Like the Present for Major Projects

 The shingles on the roof look worn. Paint is peeling off the clapboards on a few  buildings. Potholes have turned the parking lot into a slalom course. But  collections are down, several homes are in foreclosure, and the temptation to  let things go “for one more year” is strong.

 Resist the temptation, says Ralph Noblin, PE, principal of Noblin & Associates Consulting Engineers in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. “If you don’t do the job now,” he warns, “things aren’t going to get any better.”  

 After several years of watching associations adopt a wait-and-see attitude,  Noblin says he’s seeing a new trend building. Associations are biting the bullet on needed  repairs—and it’s not a moment too soon.  

 “We’ve seen associations caulk and paint over problems, replace a few boards rather  than do the project correctly,” he says. “They were patching and covering instead of doing the underlying project” while waiting for the economy to improve. But the economic situation hasn’t improved appreciably, and the problems remain. “They’re now accepting this economy as the new normal and coming to grips with it,” he says.  

 That realization has been a long time coming—and though gaining steam, hasn’t quite settled in at every community.  


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  • Wood siding, like cedar should not be replaced if unNecessary. Do not let the contractor talk you into replacing what may be siding with decades of life left. The common tactic is to point out a few repairable problems and use them to say everything must go. Don't fall for it. Consult a wood or cedar specialist and let him explain the facts to you, it has saved many condo associations a great deal of money.