How to Attract and Keep Management Staff Enjoyment of Job and Respect from Company Trump Higher Pay

If a service company’s number one asset is its people, there is no more important topic than “How to Attract and Keep Staff.” The challenges of finding, hiring and keeping the best staff—at a cost that still fits within the overall financial plans of the company —are universal to all companies, but particularly important for managementfirms.

The first challenge for a management company owner is to ponder what he or she is looking for in a potential employee. What does an ideal employeelook like?

The second challenge for the owner is to consider why someone would want to be an employee in the first place. What does the candidate want to get out of working?

While both of these questions appear elementary, a company owner who thinks through these issues in greater depth is more likely to find employeeswho can provide the “right” service to the customers at the “right” cost, with reduced turnover in both employees and customers.

Attributes of an Ideal Employee

So what does an ideal employee look like?


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