It Takes a Village Building a Sense of Community is a Plus for Any Condo

 In a condo or community association, socializing among owners sometimes is  limited to quick chitchat by the mail slots or saying hello over eggnog in the  lobby come December.  

 That’s why some residents who live there—whether in an urban high-rise or a country townhouse setting—can sometimes feel isolated and disconnected from their neighbors.  

 “I think it’s a sign of where we are today. It seems that every minute we have available,  people have to be doing something, whether it’s work, exercise, spending time with families or checking out the Internet,” says Jim Toscano, PCAM, president of Property Management of Andover in Andover,  Massachusetts. “I have seen bonding dwindle in recent years. It’s not that people don’t want to socialize, they love to do it if there’s an opportunity, but finding time is hard.”  

 Most people involved in a condo association believe that building a sense of  community is valuable as it creates a network of communication and support  among condo residents and ultimately improves the quality of life within the  community.  

 “I think the responsibility comes down to a combination of the management  company, the board and the residents themselves,” says Steve Hornsby, president/portfolio manager for HM Management in Attleboro,  Massachusetts. “Some people might be very proactive in helping these situations out and getting  people to go and I think it’s important to foster that and build a strong community.”  


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