Looking Into the Future Condominiu Experts Predict What Lies Ahead for 2009

The roller-coaster ride labeled “2008” is over at last. But will its replacement be just as wild? Or are we in for a calmer time in 2009? It’s impossible to know what lies ahead, though any number of “experts” will offer forecasts ranging from a rebound to more gloom and doom. Which will be on the mark, or out in left field, won’t be known until several pages of that new calendar have been ripped off the wall.

But what happens on Wall Street, on Main Street and in the halls of Congress has an impact at the local level—right down to the backyards of New England community associations. For this opening issue of 2009, we asked a group of experts —members of the editorial advisory board of New England Condominium—to peer into the future and offer their predictions for community associations for the months and years to come.

Their responses, not surprisingly, tended to have ties to the current economic situation. Job losses, delinquent fee payments and foreclosures will all affect community associations, as will changing technologies that can streamline administration and bring other economic benefits to condominiums.

So what’s on tap for 2009?

The Internet

The ubiquitous computer and its connection to the world have brought instant communication and a new means of networking to everyone, including condominium owners and board members. Online transactions of all kinds will spread more widely in the future, our pundits said.


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