New England Condominium Expo Returns to Boston! October 19 from 10am - 3:30pm at the Hynes Convention Center - NE-EXPO.COM

New England Condominium Expo Returns to Boston!

Whether you’re a manager or a trustee, running a condo, HOA, or co-op has never been an easy job. There’s always a capital project to fund, a contractor to hire, a dispute to resolve, a leak to repair...the list can feel endless. 

That’s why New England Condominium is thrilled to be at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston on Thursday, October 19, from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for this fall’s New England Condominium Expo, and we think you will be too. If you’ve joined us for previous shows, you know there’s just no other event that puts you right in front of the vendors and service providers your building or HOA needs every day, all in one place—and for FREE! And if this will be your first Expo, you can look forward to networking with peers and colleagues, shopping for services, learning about the latest multifamily innovations, and attending free seminars led by industry pros. Whatever brings you to the show, time at the Expo is always time well spent. 

This year’s seminar series covers topics of keen interest to trustees and managers alike: 

E-bikes, Ring Cameras, Virtual Meetings, & More - Helping Your Board Adapt to the Ever-Changing Landscape

Sponsored by Marcus Errico Emmer & Brooks PC (MEEB) 

The technology landscape is changing quickly, and both managers and boards need to understand both the benefits and risks involved for their associations. Join this workshop to learn about the risks involved with e-bikes, privacy concerns around Ring doorbell cameras, and the logistics of moving your association to virtual meetings and electronic voting. This panel of experts will provide key information and practical advice to help your association change with the times.

Energy Incentives - The Federal, State, & Local Programs That Can Save Your HOA Money

Sponsored by New England Condominium

Most residents are concerned about climate change, and even more are concerned about rising fuel costs, but the network of local, state, and federal incentives to go green, reduce energy consumption, and lessen the environmental impact of multifamily buildings can feel bewildering to many. This seminar would give an overview of programs and policies that co-ops and condos can participate in to reduce energy use, lessen their carbon footprint, and save money

Can They Do That? - The Extent & Limits of Board Powers

Sponsored by New England Condominium

Whether your community is an HOA, condo, or co-op, your board of trustees has a great deal of influence and responsibility. Knowing the extent - and limits - of a board's power is key to fulfilling fiduciary duty while staying on the right side of privacy, disclosure, and other legal guardrails. This panel discussion will cover the different board roles, outline their responsibilities, discuss the importance of understanding governing documents, and give tips to help trustees establish and maintain an open, collaborative relationship with their community members.

Top 10 Legal Issues Everyone Should Know

Sponsored by Allcock & Marcus 

Ed Allcock and Jake Marcus will run through the Allcock & Marcus Top 10 Playbook outlining issues that every condo manager, owner and board member needs to know. The program and take-home book addresses important issues such as Common Expense Assessments, Repairs and Improvements, Voting and Elections, Transitioning from a Developer, Insurance Claims, Reasonable Accommodations and more.

Keeping the Peace - Conflict Management Tips for Boards & Property Managers

Sponsored by New England Condominium

Conflict management skills are part of every good manager and board member’s toolkit - especially in this era of social media and heightened cultural tensions. Between defusing hostility at meetings, coping with the impact of platforms like Nextdoor and Yelp, or understanding what constitutes ‘harassment’ and how to deal with it, community administrators have a lot to deal with. This expert panel will discuss practical methods for maintaining order and decorum at meetings, ‘talking down’ emotional situations, and the limits of boards’ and managers’ legal obligation to intervene in an array of conflict situations.

It's Time Well Spent!

So whether this will be your first Expo or your fifth, visit to register (did we mention the show is FREE to attend?), find out who’s exhibiting, view the floorplan, and plan your day at the show. You can also see the seminar schedule and get detailed descriptions of what each panel will be discussing to further optimize your time. No matter what you’re looking for on behalf of your building or association, you’ll find it at the New England Condominium Expo. We look forward to seeing you there! 

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