Not Lost In Translation Adding Multilingual Services Can Energize Business

Of the many questions confronting a business owner today, one of the most complex and emotional is that of language diversity. In the condo management field, we already have too many challenges, from being on beeper 24/7, to volunteers changing too frequently, to aging properties having bigger repair needs than approved budgets.

The last thing we need is to add the extra cost of communicating in other languages. Thus, the emotional, political issue of "English-only" hits hard at the management firm that already is struggling with financial and labor constraints.

So what is a condo management firm company owner to do? There are two ways to approach this challenge. One is to fight the trend and the other is to leverage it!

Change Can Be Leveraged

When looking for ways to deal with current challenges, it is often valuable to consider how prior great leaders would likely confront such a challenge. It is my view that the vast majority of great leaders tend to leverage emerging trends; riding the wave, not allowing themselves to be crushed by the waves of change.

As one researches successful people, one common theme is that these people appear to "see patterns in the seemingly chaos of endless change." They appear to have better insights into their customer's needs (and desires).


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  • The problem we are seeing with spanish speaking owners is that they can't read in spanish much less english as they have never gone to school in their mative land or ours. HOW do we cope with the anger that comes from their inability to embrace our culture when they can't communicate and they have changes thrust upon them as 'suprises' when we publish and publish and publish?