2007 Dec
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Law & Legislation Foreclosure Sales Clarified
2007 Dec Foreclosure Sales Clarified

A hallmark of community associations is their ability to enforce nonpayment of assessments by resorting to the remedy of foreclosure - long recognized in the law as a forfeiture of property. Over time, courts and legislatures have strugg…

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Management Gone South
2007 Dec Gone South

If they haven't left already, the remaining "snowbirds" will shortly depart for their warm and snug Sunbelt condominiums. Left behind will be scowling residents scraping ice off their windshields and shorthanded association boards — many…

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Fall Proofing Your Condo
2007 Dec Fall Proofing Your Condo

The fastest growing segment of our population is the 70 and over age group and a growing percentage of people in this age range want to remain in the comfort and security of their own homes for as long as possible. One of the greatest ob…

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Not Lost In Translation
2007 Dec Not Lost In Translation

Of the many questions confronting a business owner today, one of the most complex and emotional is that of language diversity. In the condo management field, we already have too many challenges, from being on beeper 24/7, to volunteers c…

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An Ounce of Prevention
2007 Dec An Ounce of Prevention

The concern spread this fall like a highly-contagious disease. Schools across the nation were closed so that cleaning crews could sweep through with disinfecting agents after a number of students developed staph infections, and two stude…

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Communications Wireless Internet for All
2007 Dec Wireless Internet for All

Many of today's condominium owners depend as much on Internet access as they do on electricity, heat, and water. After all, who needs the fridge to run if you can't get online to order the groceries or take-out? Who needs a morning showe…

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Energy Conservation Trying to Be Green Part II
2007 Dec Trying to Be Green Part II

Given the growing interest in green building practices and energy conservation, homeowners everywhere, including in condominiums, are faced with many questions and challenges. As with most new technologies, we need to know which technolo…

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Are We All Procrastinators?
2007 Dec Are We All Procrastinators?

This month, I was a bit late submitting my column to the editors, I even had to ask for an extension of a few days, and I don't even recall asking for an extension in college. So, that does not make me feel good. The editors were gr…

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