"Other-miniums" The Condo Concept Evolves to Include Camps, Boats, Hotels

 It’s not your Daddy’s condominium any more.  

 Since the 1960s and ‘70s, when condominium home ownership became not only available but a viable  alternative to single-family housing in New England, the market has evolved  with many alternatives to the first apartment-like complexes.  

 Campgrounds went condo; luxury hotels added condos and penthouses to their upper floors; a few cruise ships created floating condos for those who wished to spend their lives on the highseas and visit ports in nearly every country in the world.

 Picking up on the trend, Florida added “dockominiums,” or wet moorings; and “rackominiums,” dry docks, for yachts to the mix. In the western United States, one could  purchase a garage condo for extra storage or a recreational vehicle off-season.  


 As by far the most affordable residences, camp-ominiums have proliferated across  New England.  


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