Premier Condo Expo Attracts Throngs of Decision-Makers What a Day!

Premier Condo Expo Attracts Throngs of Decision-Makers

The premier New England Condo Expo drew visitors from across the region to the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston for a full day of networking, seminars –and a chance to win a host of prizes.

The Expo was definitely the place to be on May 7; exhibitors at more than 120 booths were on hand to welcome nearly 1,000 managers, board members and other visitors who took advantage of the opportunity to meet new vendors, see new products, and get expert advice on a variety of topics. Seminars, which included a standing-room-only session on conflict resolution within communities, drew large crowds, while industry pros deftly handed out free advice on topics ranging from reserve studies to insurance.

The staff of New England Condominium would like to extend a sincere “Thank you” to the community association professionals, service providers, board members and community association volunteers who helped to make the day an unqualified success.

Managers and board members attending the Expo clearly arrived with questions in mind, seeking solutions to nagging problems and ideas for improving their communities. Energy and “green” solutions were popular topics of the day, and visitors went home armed with solid ideas.

Special thanks go out to the panelists serving on the four seminars: “Neighbors at War: Real-Life Problem Solving,” presented by sponsors Goodman, Shapiro & Lombardi, LLC; “Finding Financing in the New Economy,” presented by sponsors Rockland Trust; and “Green Development: The New Buzzword” and “Web Based Resources for Condos and HOAs,” sponsored by New England Condominium magazine.

If you missed the 2009 Expo, don’t despair! Plans are already underway for next year’s show. In the meantime, we’ve provided here a montage of scenes from this year’s Expo to offer a taste of the day.

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  • Ruth M. Mackiewicz on Tuesday, July 14, 2009 12:06 PM
    As a 1st term Board Member who learned a lot from the Expo this year, and who has been exposed to big picture mystery of effective conflict resolutions between Boards and residents, I would hope we are looking at another Expo in 2010!
  • New England Condominium on Wednesday, July 15, 2009 8:45 PM
    The next Expo will be held Wed. May 12, 2010 at Seaport World Trade Center, Boston. Keep up to date on Expo news at