Sturbridge, Massachusetts It's More than Just a Colonial Village

All roads lead to Sturbridge, Massachusetts—or so it seems.  

 A thriving community with colonial roots, Sturbridge stands at the crossroads of  New England. U.S. Route 20 runs through the center of town, and the junction of  Interstate 90 (the Massachusetts Turnpike) and Interstate 84, which runs  through Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts) is located here.  

 Its prime location is part of its appeal to newcomers and long-time residents  alike.  

 “The highway system provides direct access to three major cities: Springfield,  Worcester and Hartford (in 30 to 40 minutes),” said Jean Sullivan, a broker with Sullivan and Wallace Real Estate and chairman  of the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce of Central Mass South.  

 “It’s a direct link from Sturbridge to Boston and Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine,” said Dick Vaughan, a local radio host and chairman of the Sturbridge Tourist  Association.  


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