Telecom for Your Community Evaluating Available Options

As more and more of our daily lives become more intertwined with online entertainment and services, internet access has become a home utility along with electricity and running water. Boards can take for granted that every resident in their building or community association wants reliable, fast internet service, and while many communities leave the selection of service providers to individual owners, others – especially those with shared community spaces in which people expect wireless access – have to decide as a board which available provider is right for their association. 

New England Condominium spoke with representatives of several major telecom providers to discuss what's currently available for associations – as well as with a property management professional to talk about his client communities' dealings with these increasingly essential service providers.

Perry Wasserbauer, Market Development Manager at netBlazr, a Boston-based broadband provider 

New England Condominium: What can you tell us about bulk package deals for community associations and multifamily properties?

PW: “A bulk deal takes the idea that we all need internet, whether that includes cable or (more rarely) phone... but you take the basic premise that everyone in the community wants and needs internet, and that if they band together and go all-in with a specific provider, they can get a reduced rate. Here at netBlazr, if you want to do a bulk deal, we'd typically reduce our rate by 45-50 percent. So if you have 100 units, instead of paying $6,000, you'd probably pay around $3,500. And we're different from some of the major telecoms, as we don't believe in contracts. The idea for us is that if you're unhappy with our service, you should be able to leave.”


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