That Can’t Happen Here! “Bad Apples” Can Spoil Even the Nicest Condo Barrels

You think it can’t happen in your community but it does. And, all too often, I’m afraid.

-A Chicago woman, beaten and robbed near the entry to her condominium building, files a negligence suit against the association in January 2015, charging the association and its security service failed to provide sufficient safety measures, also citing an unmanned lobby desk during the assault.

-An Orlando condominium association slides into "civil wars" as unresolved disputes lead to violence. With attorney fees and court costs averaging $100,000, litigation is not the most cost-effective way to resolve a dispute.

-The Arizona Republic reports that police blame association members for improperly screening prospective residents after condominium areas degrade into drug paraphernalia-strewn, high crime neighborhoods.

Bad Things Happen to Good Buildings

Criminal activity is a threat to condo occupants and, in terms of liability and living standards, to associations and property managers. Thefts from property and cars, unit burglaries, muggings, robbery and assaults occur. Some criminals even single out condominium areas to prey on women who have bought into them expecting relative safety. Such a perception is sometimes the result of a marketing program, raising prospective residents' expectations.


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