The Next Generation Locating New Managers Difficult, But Not Mission Impossible

A property manager’s day often begins at daybreak with a flood of messages and continues at a frenetic pace until evening board meetings. But no two days are alike; each day poses a new challenge.

Managers must respond to email messages about dog poop, investigate missing mailboxes, prepare financial documents and negotiate contracts for trash removal while maintaining a cool and collected manner that instills confidence in residents and establishescredibility.

For a pay rate that may be less than what they can find elsewhere, managers must have the energy of youth, the wisdom of experience, and the patience of Job.

While many find the challenges of property management rewarding, the demands of the field contribute to a high turnover rate and a problem for the management firms that must hire the next generation of property managers.

While finding new managers may seem at times like mission impossible, there is plenty of talent out there and it doesn’t take a secret agent to dig it up.


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