Tongue in Cheek The Lighter Side of Condo Living

As a rule, New England Condominium sticks to the straight and narrow as we contemplate the many players and problems in condominiums. But condo- miniums are, after all, populated with people, and people are human, fallible, and occasionally very funny. In this issue, we asked a number of condo professionals to weigh in with some of their favorite lighter, more humorous stories about condo life and the human condition...and just in time for April Fool's Day!

Walt Williamsen—Condominium Consulting Services, LLC Torrington, Connecticut

One thing is certain about working in the property management business: you never know what to expect when you come into the office and review the messages that have come in from the mail, E-mail, fax, telephone, or drop-in visitor.

At our company, we have dealt with everything from snakes loose under a porch to complaints about smelly ferrets living next door.

But perhaps one of the oddest happenings occurred several years ago at a condominium complex located not too far away from a prestigious university. This particular property had a resident population that included professors, teaching assistants, and graduate students. Some of them were a bit eccentric.

We were hired to take over the management duties at this complex, and we assigned one of our more experienced managers to oversee the property.


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