Top 10 Leadership Traits Interpersonal SKills, Knowledge, and Compassion Lead List for Board Presidents

Perhaps you are entertaining the thought of running for your association board presidency. Or maybe by altruistic desire, default or coercion, you already find yourself wearing that hat.

Are you up for the challenge? What leadership style, characteristics and skills does a good association board president possess? Being an exceptional communicator or razor-sharp financier? An impassioned dictator or honest do-gooder? A thorough researcher or seat-of-the-pants planner?

While most can agree on the list of undesirable qualities, there is no one specific trait that defines a good board president.

“There are so many different circumstances that come into play in every community that clearly defining a good board president is simply put, hard to define,” explains Julie Adamen, president of Adamen Inc., a property management consulting firm.

Most board presidents will find the most essential traits are dictated and adapted by the flavor and personality of the condominium itself. “Every community is so different. Characteristics and traits that are important depend on what that particular community’s needsare,” says Richard Mellin, a property manager at Mellin & Associates in Redding, Connecticut.