Welcoming New Board Members Rookies Need Some Help Learning the Ropes

Dear current board members and management team,

As a newly seated board member I wanted to let you know that I am a little unclear as to what my role and specific responsibilities involve. Having never served on a condo board I do not fully understand how meetings are run or how the governing process works. I will be honest; I am even reluctant to ask any questions until I feel a bit more comfortable with the group and the inner workings of the board. Can anyone help me transition?

Thank you in advance,

The new member of the board

This is the letter that will never be sent, but every new board member wants read. It is never easy being the new kid on the block, or, for that matter, being responsible for welcoming and getting the new kid up to speed. But one thing is for certain: there will always be new board members transitioning onto condo boards – and unless boards have mechanisms in place to assist and guide new members, these rookies will sink long before they swim.


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  • Does anyone have any ideas about welcoming a new board member at a board meeting? Rather than just going on with business as usual, is there a way to make it special, with refreshments and a presentation to the new member of the material he/she will need.