What a Waste! Pet Mess Can Be Controlled in Condo Communities

 In the 1960s, people would laugh at the notion that someone could make money by  going to people’s houses and asking to mow their lawn. This was something that everyone did  themselves and the thought of paying someone else to do it seemed ridiculous.  

 Fast forward 50 years and that same ridicule is happening to some innovative  thinkers who have started their own pet waste management companies. Seriously,  are people really paying money for others to clean up after their dogs? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”  

 “A service like mine is a nice thing to offer people at a dog-friendly condo,” says Brian Woodard, owner of Kanine Kleenup, which offers regularly scheduled  cleanup services to dog owners in southern Massachusetts and northern Rhode  Island. “Everyone has a busy lifestyle and doesn’t always have time to do it. Especially this time of year when it gets dark  early, it just makes it harder to do it.”  

 For anyone who lives in a pet-friendly condominium and has stepped in the  not-so-friendly droppings of their neighbor’s dog on their grass, driveway or sidewalk, these companies are a god-send.  

 “It is certainly a large and prevalent problem for condo communities,” says Gary Daddario, an attorney with the law firm of Perkins & Anctil in Westford, Massachusetts. “By and large, the non-pet owners at a condo consider it a grave offense when  they are exposed to the pet waste of the other owners.”  


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  • Dna what a great idea no cost to the property and at the same time keeps the grounds free of dog waste.besides who wants to be fined for not picking up after their dog.great solution!