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Exterior Elegant brownstones in a residential street of Back Bay, Boston
2022 March Maintaining Aging Buildings

Nothing lasts forever, even with good maintenance—including most building components. Exterior elements are perhaps most subject to wear and tear in any climate. Their construction and material type dictate their maintenance needs and repai…

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Exterior Residential buildings and magnifying glass. Search for real estate to buy. Long-term and short-term rental of apartments and housing. Realtor services. Important things when choosing a property.
2022 March Building Inspections

Car owners know that in order to operate their vehicle legally, they must have it professionally inspected every year. An older car might need some relatively minor repairs or adjustments to bring it into compliance with state emissions req…

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Exterior Brick building under renovations in Boston, MA
2022 March Exterior Projects, Interior Problems

When the topic of exterior maintenance comes up, it’s important to keep in mind that when it comes to multifamily properties, even projects that focus on a building’s ‘envelope’ are by no means limited to just the façade or roof. Projects l…

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Exterior Cracked brick wall with a red house drawn on it -concept image
2021 November Façade Inspections

In light of the tragic condo building collapse in Surfside, Florida, earlier this year, condo and co-op boards, as well as rental building landlords, are taking a hard look at their building system inspection policies. While all mandatory i…

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Maintenance Roof Replacement...or Rejuvenation?
Roof Replacement...or Rejuvenation?

It’s a well-worn truism that even seemingly disparate elements are often connected to each other in unexpected ways. Take your association’s roof, for example. Here in New England, if it’s a pitched roof, most likely its shingles are made o…

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Exterior Exterior Building Systems Maintenance
2021 March Exterior Building Systems Maintenance

The board of any residential community has two prime directives: to maintain the financial health of the association, and to maintain the structural health of the property.  Both require a broad array of knowledge — much of which the averag…

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Maintenance Cleaning Through COVID
2020 November Cleaning Through COVID

Even though the world has been contending with COVID-19 and its consequences for nine months and counting, the routines and practices we’ve adopted to prevent its spread and minimize personal risk of infection are still evolving. With new d…

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Maintenance Signs of Structural Damage
Signs of Structural Damage

Every municipality has its own schedule and criteria for exterior building inspections and upkeep - but in between official visits, boards, managers, and association staff can and should keep an eye out for some of the telltale signs of str…

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Maintenance Spring Cleaning
Spring Cleaning

With the end of winter comes relief—gone are the grey skies and slush-puddles, and the promise of balmy days and sunshine is in the air. But the board of a condo, cooperative, or homeowners association cannot be content with simply waiting …

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