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Board Operations Board Style & Management
2021 February Board Style & Management

Condos and co-ops are unique in their management structure, of which there are two levels: the board of the association or corporation, which governs the community on behalf of the unit owners or shareholders, and a hired management agent, …

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Board Operations What New Board Members Need to Know
2020 August What New Board Members Need to Know

Residential communities such as condos, HOAs, and co-ops are unique in that they take the governance of their properties into their own hands. While most properties do have managing agents to oversee staff and to handle the day-to-day opera…

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Owner Relations Communicate...and Then OVERcommunicate
Communicate...and Then OVERcommunicate

A few years ago, I was on the phone with a homeowner. He was irate with how his community’s money was being spent. He was unhappy with the budget increase. It was a call I took regularly from any one of my homeowners (and more often than no…

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Law & Legislation What Attorneys Wish Boards Knew
2020 June What Attorneys Wish Boards Knew

Attorneys representing co-op, condo, and HOA communities comprise an interesting subset of the legal profession. While ultimately serving as the legal backstop for these communities, that’s not the full measure of what they do; they often a…

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