2007 Nov
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Selling Maintenance
2007 Nov Selling Maintenance

Technology has a way of leading us to believe that we should be thinking more about the process than the end result. A team of engineers needed to measure the height of a flagpole. They only had a tape, and were getting frustrated trying…

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Drawing the Line
2007 Nov Drawing the Line

Are homeowner associations governmental or quasi-governmental entities? Until last year, most attorneys who practice community association law would have said the answer was clearly, and appropriately, no. But a New Jersey appeals court …

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Of Castles and Kings
2007 Nov Of Castles and Kings

Many who purchase homes in a condominium are unaware that the term "king of the castle" or the concept of freedom to do whatever they wish in their own home does not apply to condominium living. Unlike the owner of a single family home (…

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A Thin Line
2007 Nov A Thin Line

The lowly clothesline is making a comeback. Spurred by growing concerns over global warming and the recognition that mechanical clothes dryers can consume a whopping 10 percent of household energy, concerned citizens are hanging out thei…

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Open for Business
2007 Nov Open for Business

Commercial condominiums (that is, condominiums made up of non-residential units such as retail and offices) are an interesting subspecies of condominiums. Most people envision residences when they think of the condo concept but the idea …

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A Slew of Suits
2007 Nov A Slew of Suits

"Where's my concierge?" "What's that dog doing here?" "Why hasn't that valet shown up with my car yet?...it's been almost 10 minutes." Developers who built some of the region's most expensive condominium properties in recent years are st…

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Whose Favorite Color is Rainbow?
2007 Nov Whose Favorite Color is Rainbow?

My daughter Susan is taking a college course in Education, which requires her to volunteer an hour a day at an educational institution. She was lucky to get a volunteer slot at her college daycare center. She was telling me how cute the …

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