2007 Sept
Focus on... Community Finances

Borrowing Wisely
2007 Sept Borrowing Wisely

You just got a notice from your condominium board of trustees that they need to spend $3,250,000 on major projects that have been put off for many years. In theory, everyone has agreed to put off the repairs in favor of "saving" on the m…

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Financial Mess is Equal Opportunity Employer
2007 Sept Financial Mess is Equal Opportunity Employer

During recent years, while the real estate industry was inflating with breathtaking speed, the mortgage industry blossomed right along with it. When the bubble burst, what resulted in the overblown mortgage industry could be summarized a…

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Creative Marketing
2007 Sept Creative Marketing

A s the housing slump continues throughout New England, developers in Rhode Island are adapting their projects to reflect the changing times. Some developers have opted to rent out their units as apartments instead of putting more produc…

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Where its @
2007 Sept Where its @

It's decision time at a meeting between a board and a property manager and the discussion takes an unexpected turn to a document that is back at the property manager's office. Missing from the discussion is an obscure line item from …

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The Heart of the Home
2007 Sept The Heart of the Home

Realtors agree: Kitchens sell. In fact, homeowners returned 85.2 percent of their investment on minor kitchen remodels and 80.4 percent on major remodels, according to a 2006 Cost vs. Value report in Remodeling magazine, prepared in coop…

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The Beauty and The Beast
2007 Sept The Beauty and The Beast

The previous columns in our Fiberglass Window series were about strength and efficiency properties as they apply to the use of fiberglass. Fiberglass enables windows to handle anything the demanding climate changes in New England throws …

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The Virtues of Telephone Calls
2007 Sept The Virtues of Telephone Calls

Those of you who use Yahoo, know that it runs "news" items in the center of its web page. Those news items are frequently updated, even though they are not always "news" items in the conventional sense of the word. Sometimes, they are cu…

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