2008 March
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Maintenance Water Woes
2008 March Water Woes

New England residents have always thought of fresh water as an unlimited resource, but that attitude may be on the way out. With climate change, increased demand from residential development, and stricter regulation of public water suppl…

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Maintenance The Party's Over
2008 March The Party's Over

The era in which too many condominium boards shrugged off warnings about inadequate reserve funds or postponed needed maintenance has come to an unsettling end. In a series of recent high-profile episodes, condominiums have been hit…

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Maintenance Sprucing Up
2008 March Sprucing Up

March in New England is a month of surprises. Winter throws us last-ditch nor'easters that are followed by spring's sudden thaw. There might be two feet of snow one day, and sunny skies with temperatures in the sixties the next. The only th…

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Maintenance Rainy Day Blues
2008 March Rainy Day Blues

"We see a wide range of reactions" when association board members and owners are presented with the cost of repairs, Fernandes says. "Most associations don't have the money on hand," says Stephen DiNocco, CMCA, AMS, principal …

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Maintenance Not Your Father's Foam
2008 March Not Your Father's Foam

The building envelope, as many already know, is a term used to describe the six sides of a building which "envelop" the building (if the building were a perfect cube). The underlying goal of excellent construction is to makethe building …

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Maintenance Concord Massachusetts
2008 March Concord Massachusetts

When the Puritans bought Muske-taquid from the Algonkians in 1635, they changed the name to "Concord" to signify the harmony of the agreement. The Massachusetts town has lived up to its name ever since, albeit rather unconventionally. It…

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Maintenance All Decked Out
2008 March All Decked Out

There's nothing quite like a summer's day spent relaxing on your deck with friends. For many of us, it's like having a small piece of paradise right outside our doors. Condominium associations know that well-maintained and attractive dec…

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