2009 April
Focus on... Landscaping/Lawns

Landscaping Landscaping for Less
2009 April Landscaping for Less

The current economic climate has associations looking under every rock for cost savings, including their landscaping budgets. Landscaping expenses vary greatly depending on the location, size and terrain of the community prope…

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Landscaping Trees at Risk
2009 April Trees at Risk

It seems like a scene from a sci-fi or fantasy movie — giant bugs infesting the trees at the edge of a forest and endangering an entire ecosystem. Unfortunately, there is nothing fictitious about the Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB), which …

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Landscaping Rain Gardens
2009 April Rain Gardens

From damp basements to flooded walkways and backed-up storm drains, too much water without a place to go can be a huge problem for condominiums. In recent years, rain gardens have come to the fore as a make-ready solution to those prob…

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Landscaping The Lawn Haul
2009 April The Lawn Haul

An attractive, verdant lawn – or the lack of one – can make a lasting first impression on potential homebuyers. Grounds that are unkempt, weed-infested and showing more brown than green will likely lead visitors to believe that it’s not…

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Landscaping Deep Cover
2009 April Deep Cover

Why not cover the roof with plants? It’s such a simple idea; no wonder it’s been around for millennia. The United States, of course, has developed an architecture that exults in its mastery of Mother Nature. We build bridges ac…

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