2010 April
Focus on... Landscaping/Lawns

Landscaping Enlivening your Landscape
2010 April Enlivening your Landscape

 Few capital improvements bolster property values as effectively as landscaping  upgrades. “It’s astonishing what redoing the landscape will do to the sales and turnaround  time at a condominium,” reports landscape designer Thomas Wilhelm,…

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Landscaping Landscaping Harmony
2010 April Landscaping Harmony

The most common method of maintaining a landscape has typically been: “mow, apply a generous and regular supply of man-made fertilizers and pesticides to prevent weeds, water and repeat.” But just because it’s the most widespread doesn’t…

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Landscaping Special TREE-tment
2010 April Special TREE-tment

 The trees that grace the outdoor spaces at most community properties provide  untold value. But have your lovely spring-flowering pear trees lost branches  this winter? Are those once-trim blue spruces suddenly blocking the entryway signs…

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Landscaping Your Great Outdoors
2010 April Your Great Outdoors

 As today’s homeowners forego vacations – and long for a getaway without actually going away –the idea of creating that retreat outside the back door is gaining popularity. “People are looking for a place they can enjoy, and not feel that …

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Landscaping Botanic Garden Branches Out
2010 April Botanic Garden Branches Out

The bulldozers are clanging and tradesmen are busy pounding away, but in a few short months peace and quiet will return to Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, Massachusetts. All the noise is part of a $7.5 million expansion…

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Landscaping Essex, Connecticut
2010 April Essex, Connecticut

Nestled just off the Long Island Sound halfway between New York City and Boston, Essex is a colonial hamlet resting on the banks of the Connecticut River. This diminutive town – population just over 6,700 –is actually composed …

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Q&A: Board Ignores Delinquency of Fellow Member
2010 April Q&A: Board Ignores Delinquency of Fellow Member

Q Last year, a board member discovered other directors have allowed our association secretary to be 10 months delinquent in his assessments. No action was taken. Other unit owners have been in the collection process for the same viol…

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Landscaping Come Prepared to Learn at the Condo Expo!
2010 April Come Prepared to Learn at the Condo Expo!

 The New England Condo Expo on May 12th at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston is more than just a great place to  meet condominium professionals and network with community association leaders– it’s also a tremendous opportunity to le…

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Landscaping Harvesting H2O
2010 April Harvesting H2O

When 70,000-plus football fans watch the New England Patriots play at Gillette Stadium, they are drawing on the water resources of Foxborough, Massachusetts, a community with only 29,000 residents. How can the small town keep up with…

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