2011 April
Focus on... Landscaping

Landscaping Bountiful Harvest
2011 April Bountiful Harvest

The “greening” of condominium living is expanding to the landscape, where shared fruit and vegetable gardens get residents involved and add beauty to the property. They’re not the Garden of Eden, but from small to large, they provide a bo…

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Landscaping Don't Bug Me
2011 April Don't Bug Me

 With spring comes a much-awaited opportunity for the beautification of condo  green spaces, many of which may have been neglected throughout the colder  months. Yet the arrival of warm weather also heralds the arrival of pesky  insects an…

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Landscaping Hardscaping Your Condo
2011 April Hardscaping Your Condo

When most people think of a condo’s landscaping, images come to mind of well-trimmed lawns, beautiful flowers or stately trees. But there is another part of landscaping that is just as important, but not as well known – hardscaping. …

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Landscaping "The Contractor's Disappeared!"
2011 April "The Contractor's Disappeared!"

It’s the ultimate fear of anyone who has ever remodeled anything larger than a birdhouse: A month into the project, the contractor disappears – taking half the budgeted money and leaving a large hole in the building in exchange. …

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Landscaping Fairfield, Connecticut
2011 April Fairfield, Connecticut

Fairfield, Connecticut is an upscale suburban enclave of tiny neighborhoods, pristine beaches and big city proximity. The mix is so popular that most people, once they've settled in, want to stay put. Walter Hibbs is one of those happy ca…

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Landscaping The Arbor Day Foundation
2011 April The Arbor Day Foundation

The organization, with founder JohnRosenow still at the helm, is active in educating the public about the beauty and significance of trees in our world and in our lives. Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Arbor Day Foundat…

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Q&A: Who Pays for In-Unit Mold Remediation?
2011 April Q&A: Who Pays for In-Unit Mold Remediation?

Q My Massachusetts condo association commissioned an environmental report to determine the cause of mold in my closet. It pointedto poorly-caulked exterior, lack of waterproofing, and general poor maintenance of the common area. They qu…

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