2014 April
Focus on... Landscaping & Lawn Care

The New England Condo Expo, Tuesday, May 20, 2014
2014 April The New England Condo Expo, Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Is condominium living everything you hoped it would be? Do your board meetings run smoothly, without disruption and dissent? Are your bylaws and rules being followed, or are residents ignoring them? Condominiums have become increasin…

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Landscaping The Suburban Jungle
2014 April The Suburban Jungle

Many residents of New England believe that when it comes to climate, New England has it all, including wet and dry and hot and cold air streams, producing a diverse pattern of climate variations from the mountains to the shorelines of the …

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Landscaping Paving the Way
2014 April Paving the Way

The expansive main lodge at Wachusett Mountain Ski Area in North Central Massachusetts is surrounded with walkways, decks and terraces built in a variety of materials. Outside the bar area, wooden decks bridge a pond, connecting concrete s…

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Landscaping Not in My Yard
2014 April Not in My Yard

Condos and HOA communities can be a great setting to own a home, enjoy privacy and the comforts of your own personal space. But there will always be tension between the desire to make your unit your own, and adhering to the rules of the co…

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Maintenance The Grass is Greener
2014 April The Grass is Greener

The adage is, “The customer is always right.” But when it comes to lawn care for condominium properties, the first question is, “What does the customer want?” According to Matt Lindner, the service line director for SavaLawn in Bedford Hil…

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Board Operations A Board Too Far
2014 April A Board Too Far

Having a disinterested, apathetic board is a problem in some buildings, though a board that oversteps the boundaries of its power or invades the privacy of residents also can cause hassles. But an informed board should be less apt to go be…

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Finance Bank on It!
2014 April Bank on It!

A lot of us feel like everyday life keeps getting more and more complicated, and finances are no exception. In New England, there are strict limitations to what boards can do with their association’s funds, but that doesn’t mean there aren…

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Board Operations Q&A: Don’t Fence Me In
2014 April Q&A: Don’t Fence Me In

Q I recently bought a new unit in an HOA. I set up a fence in my backyard that management and the board says is too high, but the original developer’s original fences are as tall as the ones I installed. Most of the units still have this …

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Q&A Q&A: Peeping Tom
2014 April Q&A: Peeping Tom

I own a unit and live in a medium-sized condominium in the Boston area. Recently, a few strangers have been found lurking the hallways of the building. One of my neighbors who lives across the hall from me is very nervous about the possibil…

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