2017 August
Focus on... Insurance

Insurance Insurance Basics
2017 August Insurance Basics

For many people, insurance seems like its own mysterious realm, filled with terminologies that sound formidable and enigmatic. At the same time, people also understand the profound importance of insurance and what it can mean for the safety…

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Insurance Indemnity Clauses and Liability
2017 August Indemnity Clauses and Liability

One of the unique aspects of community living, whether that community is a co-op, condo, or HOA, is the collective responsibility shareholders or association members take upon themselves when they offer to serve on their community’s board o…

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Insurance Insurance Law
2017 August Insurance Law

Insurance liability is a very important issue for a condo or HOA association or a condo board. Most have built up a good relationship with their insurance agents or brokers, and many are content to leave the details to the pros.  However, …

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Q&A Q&A: Can Everyone Attend Meetings?
2017 August Q&A: Can Everyone Attend Meetings?

Q. Understanding that Massachusetts law enables all condo members to attend board meetings, my question is whether this also holds true if meetings are held in a board member's private residence. Are there any guidelines that differ betwe…

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Q&A Q&A: When Is the Law Not the Law?
2017 August Q&A: When Is the Law Not the Law?

Q. Can a condo association that does not follow its bylaws as registered with the state of Rhode Island have the power to enforce its rules and regulations and fine a unit owner?                            — Law-Abiding Owner A. “The …

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