2017 October
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations Problem Boards
2017 October Problem Boards

A condominium, cooperative or homeowners’ association elects a board for a specific purpose: to manage the community’s day-to-day business, oversee special projects, and draft and uphold the rules and regulations that keep life orderly and …

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Board Operations Board Transparency
2017 October Board Transparency

Community living – the very basis of co-op, condo and HOA life—is based on the idea of trust. In a community of potentially hundreds or thousands of residents, every resident can’t be involved in the making of every decision. Too many cooks…

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Board Operations Supporting Your Staff
2017 October Supporting Your Staff

Most people go about their days paying little attention to the labor performed by those who make their lives easier. From transit workers to service employees to government officials, how often does one stop to thank the people making every…

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Board Operations The Roles of Building Staff
2017 October The Roles of Building Staff

Supers, building managers, maintenance persons, custodial staff, groundskeeping personnel, porters, doormen, concierges—depending on the size of a community, the staff roster for a condo, co-op or HOA can be pretty long. The truth is, in th…

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Board Operations Appropriate Use of Common Funds
2017 October Appropriate Use of Common Funds

Here’s a scenario:  It’s mid-December.  The board has assembled for their last meeting of the year.  The managing agent brings great news: due to several unforeseen factors, including the past year’s mild winter and savings resulting from c…

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Q&A Q&A: Can Board Members Be Removed?
2017 October Q&A: Can Board Members Be Removed?

Q. Our relatives, living in a townhouse complex in Massachusetts, have a concern. There were four members on their board, but recently, a fifth joined, clearly for his own self-interests and agenda. He is a lawyer who represents several …

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