2018 November
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Maintenance Elevator Repair and Replacement Projects
2018 November Elevator Repair and Replacement Projects

The invention and adaptation of vertical transportation – otherwise known as the elevator – in the 1850s changed the face of architecture, space design, and apartment living forever. Unfortunately, like any mechanical system, every so often…

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Maintenance Heating Options for Multifamily Communities
2018 November Heating Options for Multifamily Communities

Whether you live in a high-rise building or a spread-out condo association, you probably take having reliable, adequate heat in the winter months for granted. But heating a multifamily community is not so easy as simply turning a dial. Ther…

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Board Operations Condominium Board Authority
2018 November Condominium Board Authority

When making the choice to purchase a condo or a co-op apartment, many buyers choose a condominium to reduce the board’s involvement in the decisions they will make regarding their home. Condo boards’ authority over certain decisions and asp…

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Association Operations Handling Conflicts
2018 November Handling Conflicts

Condo, co-op and HOA communities are made up of people – and people aren’t perfect. Within a community association, squabbles are inevitably going to break out between unit owners. Oftentimes these problems will be resolved relatively easil…

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Association Operations Handling Resident Complaints
2018 November Handling Resident Complaints

By all accounts, most boards of condominiums, cooperatives or homeowners’ associations are doing their best. After all, they’re just groups of democratically-elected volunteers with a fiduciary duty to act in their constituents’ best intere…

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Q&A Q&A: Calculating Percentage Interests
2018 November Q&A: Calculating Percentage Interests

Q. I am the newly-elected treasurer of a very small condo complex consisting of 16 free-standing homes. Four of the homes are low-income dwellings (40B) of which the owner has a 7.5 percent beneficial interest. Our expense budget proposed…

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Q&A Q&A: Driveway Issue
2018 November Q&A: Driveway Issue

Q. Approximately four years ago I moved to an over-55 condo association where each unit has its own driveway. The complex is about 12 years old, and when initially turned over by the builder to the association the inexperienced board was …

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